Since the introduction of the Lumen Collection and UltrAspire 3D Lighting™, adventurers have found ways to mix and match their UltrAspire lighting products to suit their adventure needs. This is encouraged, and part of the beauty that comes with having options is to come equipped with the right piece of gear for any situation. To help make that decision on what to look into easier, I wanted to give you guys a list of the Lumen Collection products and tell you a little bit about them and a good scenario to use it in. Of course, as many have done before finding new uses is encouraged and if you do use your Lumen in a cool way we would LOVE to hear about it! So let’s dive right in:


Lumen 600 2.0:



The Lumen 600 2.0 is perfect for the deep adventure lover out on the trails. The most powerful waist belt on the market, If you want no questions about what is around or on your path while running difficult terrain this is the light for you. Whether you like to run your own trail, or you are in a racing scenario the Lumen 600 2.0 is prepared to handle it. This belt comes with easily adjustable settings for fatigued adventures and an impressive battery life. This belt comes with a pocket so if you were to have your vest pockets full, you can store some smaller essential items in the built in pocket. With long and fatigued overnight endeavors in mind the 600 2.0 was built with durable yet lightweight material, coming in at 7.2 ounces you can keep your attention off of your waist while running in an environment that feels like daylight.


Lumen 600R:


The Lumen 600R has all of the power and function that the Lumen 600 2.0 does, but is for the minimalist runner. For the weight conscious or those who are in a race scenario, this belt is a super slim, no pocket belt that comes in weighing a mere 5.3 ounces. If you have a vest to carry everything you need and want to keep your waist as light as possible, this is the Lumen to look into. The conical shape allows the 600R to sit comfortably on the hips during the intense terrain.


Lumen 220 Waist Light: 

Moving along to the Lumen 220, if you are an early morning/evening road runner or even commute to work this is a perfect companion. The lightest waist light in the collection the 220 comes in at 3 ounces but packs a powerful punch. If you run trail, but want a light that is not so extreme the 220 can definitely do the job for you. For the purposes of putting it into a category I would say those who like this light the most would be the road runner who wants to have a bright light that lets them run faster, later, and longer all while being seen by traffic and other pedestrians. It’s red setting makes it ideal for running near roads at dusk or early morning as they get busier.


Lumen 170 2.0:


The Lumen 170 is a road runner’s best friend. Like the Lumen 600 2.0 it comes with a pocket to carry your phone (gotta get your Strava on right?). At 170 lumens it is perfect for a paved or well groomed rock road. Like the other waist lights in this collection the conical shape lets this belt sit perfect on the waist with no bounce.


Lumen 100 wrist light:



For the more casual runners/walkers this is a great addition as a secondary light. This light can focus a beam into a bag, your watch, shoes, or up the road/trail at night.  Barely weighing an ounce you will throw 100 lumens around with no effort at all.


Lumen 115 Clip: 



Much like the wrist light, the Lumen 115 Clip is a secondary light that is useful in many scenarios. I hear of many people keeping this in their pack as an emergency light due it being able to clip to any article of clothing making it hands free, and providing 115 lumens of light it makes a good emergency or safety light. For quick use, you can adjust easily through the settings allowing you to choose your brightness to the situation.

The UltrAspire Lumen Collection and introduction of UltrAspire 3D lighting™ has literally changed the way people run in low light scenarios. With the growing popularity it’s cool to learn about how people choose to utilize gear to reach their goals or just be more effective during training. Which lumen combo do you use? Why?