Run like it’s daylight.

Zygos 5.0

High capacity, versatile, 14 liter race vest


High Reflectivity Vest

Go Cupless

C2 Cup

Outfit your race with the kindest cup on Earth.

Build your own Hydration Waist Light.

Lumen 600 3.0
Waist Light
This waist light features UltrAspire 3D Lighting® which casts shadows across uneven surfaces giving you a better understanding of your terrain. It has a wide flood cone that provides 600 lumens of Steady Beam even lighting for the most natural running experience out of any light.
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How did a young man change hydration and running forever?

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5 Tips for Becoming an Ultramarathon Runner in 2022

5 Tips for Becoming an Ultramarathon Runner in 2022

Written by Anja Hayes Congratulations! If you are reading this article, then that likely means you are considering starting your ultramarathon journey. As challenging as they are, ultramarathons are empowering races that benefit your physical health and strengthen...

UltrAspire Inspired By: Henry Howard and Finding Joy

UltrAspire Inspired By: Henry Howard and Finding Joy

Written by: Anja Hayes For the past decade, Henry Howard has been on a mission to #FindJoy and inspire others to do the same. Aside from participating in nearly 35 ultramarathons and marathons collectively, he seeks to uplift the running community through incredible...

UltrAspire’s Brad Dains on the Power of Progress

UltrAspire’s Brad Dains on the Power of Progress

Written by: Anja Hayes Brad Dains willingly lets running shape his past, present, and future. Aside from competing in many different ultras and marathons, he plays a role in directing the races he loves dearly. However, he was not always the model he is now for...

Modern Hydration
Comes From The Past

It all started in 1979 when Bryce was unable to find a pack that allowed him to maximize his performance, so he decided to make one himself using his grandmother's sewing machine.

Since then, Bryce launched the very first hydration company, invented hydration belts, packs, handhelds, vests, produced the first screw top water bottle for runners, and introduced many other industry firsts. His innovation came from need, and it continues out of the need to perform better.

Today, almost all hydration products are iterations of Bryce's original designs and he continues to drive the industry forward, setting UltrAspire apart from all other brands.
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