Iso Pocket 3.0 Handheld

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The Iso Pocket 3.0 handheld is built for stability. Utilizing the traditional way to carry a bottle, the balance points help to keep the bottle secure. The securing strap features the XT Mesh to help wick and evaporate moisture effectively. The unique compression system is easily adjustable and ensures a perfect fit on the left or right hand. The zippered pocket is made from 4-way stretch mesh to allow expansion to carry essentials. Designed to be ergonomic, the angled neck provides easier access to fluids. The bottle is made from an FDA approved low density polyethylene for a softer feel and easier squeeze. The fast Cap has a silicone valve that automatically opens and closes for quick access to fluids on the go. The Human 20 2.0 bottle is proudly made in the USA.

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Essential Line: From the road to the trail, our Essential Line was created with runners of any skill level in mind. With our UltrAcool System on all race vests and one size to fit most on all Essential Line products, this category is perfect for runners to add staple gear pieces to their starting collection; while veteran runners can add to their current gear setup with products that can be utilized in multiple running scenarios.

• Soft XT Mesh material for comfort.
• Comes standard with 20 oz Human Bottle sculpted for smaller hands.
• Super soft, easier to squeeze plastic.
• FDA approved and Made in the USA!

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 2 in

1 review for Iso Pocket 3.0 Handheld

  1. Henry Howard

    The ISO Pocket 3.0 Handheld is a vast improvement over other UltrAspire handheld bottles. I had tried the 550 handheld earlier and while it worked for shorter runs, it lacked a pocket for stashing a gel, car key, hotel room key or anything else.

    However, the 3.0 handheld offers plenty of storage space for those items without seeming bulky. I’ve tested it out on runs up to 14 miles and never thought once that it was weighing or slowing me down. Instead, I actually forgot that I was carrying it for long stretches — but glad I had it when I needed to pop in a gel for refueling.

    This is a terrific handheld bottle that can be used for training runs, races, hikes and more.

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