Lumen 800 Ultra Waist Light

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The Lumen 800 Ultra waist light provides the ultimate UltrAspire 3D Lighting® experience, it’s like turning on the sun. The Lumen 800 Ultra features an 800, 500 Steady Beam, 200 Steady Beam, and blinking light setting. This patent pending light is powered off of an aircraft aluminum battery pack that holds two of our UltrAspire 18650 batteries for double the battery life and can also be powered off of any USB power bank. Included is an extension cord to take the battery pack off of your waist and carry it in your pack. Easily power on/off or adjust the brightness of your Lumen by pressing the lens or the rim of the light during those fatigued adventures. This light features our Race Fit which is a fatigue-free buckle and adjustment system. The Lumen 800 Ultra includes all necessary adapting cords, a battery charger, and 2 batteries.


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  • Super wide angle lens
  • Detachable power cord
  • Removable battery pack
  • Precision adjustment strap
  • Performance buckle
  • Low, medium, high, and blinking modes
  • Limited stretch elastic
  • USB power-pack compatible
  • 5.5-15 hour burn time, Blinking: 20 hour burn time
  • IPX6 water proof rating

Weight: 9.1 oz (258g)

Colors: Black/Red

Sizing Range: 26″-38


Low Weight™: Lightweight components and materials create an almost unnoticeable on-the-body feel without compromising durability.

Steady Beam™: Prevents eye fatigue by maintaining a steady lumen output that does not dim until the battery is very low.

Stable Ride™: Proportional weight distribution combined with our conical belt shape create  balanced load and a no-bounce ride.

Fatigue Free™: Intuitive settings, large buttons, and quick release buckles. Easy operation for fatigued minds in extreme circumstances.

AutoCool™: Heat dispersing fins mounted in and around the light passively dissipate heat, keeping the light cool and efficient during heavy use.

Widebeam™: Like daylight. Let your eyes roam freely without adjusting between light and dark areas. Even lighting eliminates headaches and tunnel vision.

Enduralight™: Sturdy construction and aircraft grade aluminum provide better durability and improved hot and cold tolerance while reducing overall weight.

PerfectAngle™: Easily adjust up, straight, or down to suit your terrain. Illuminate your path while keeping your head and body in a natural running position.

Race Fit™: Conical shape, fatigue free buckles, and limited stretch elastic ensure a snug and stable fit which promotes a healthy and natural breathing pattern.

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2 reviews for Lumen 800 Ultra Waist Light

  1. Thomas Murray

    I absolutely love this light. Even on the lowest setting, it lights up the trail like nothing else. The 3D lighting really helps out on the super rocky trails in Arizona. I like not having the constant pressure on my head of a headlamp, and having the light away from my face is nice when it is buggy and/or dusty out.

    I am someone who has lost a lot of weight and have some extra belly, so I need to wear it at my natural waist rather than where I wear my shorts/pants but that is not an issue for me – otherwise the light keeps getting pushed to point down even when I want to have it pointing forward.

    Because it is SUPER bright, though, I find that it’s not ideal for racing events where there is an out-and-back or races that are run in washing machine style loops as the light is a bit much for oncoming runners (I suppose if it is a smaller race you could just cover it as people pass). But at 4am when I am doing training runs in the dark or in races that are point to point or a unidirectional loop, I won’t wear any other light.

    Just know that the light comes on very easily with the barest of taps, so when packing it, be sure to pack it unplugged from the battery pack!

  2. Erika zazzara

    So bright !!
    This light is amazing. I was always scared to run the trails in the dark with just a headlamp. But the Lumen 800 ultra waist light does the job. I can see everything. It’s wide beam, no shadows, comfortable on the waist and 3 different light settings. If you want to see everything on the trails this is your light !!!

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